Digital  Products

All the products on this page are digital. You will recieve electronic files to download on your device. 

Kindle or paperback versions are available on Amazon (where applicable).


Cast Your Vision

This book shows you how to create an effective faith-based vision board that aligns with your purpose and accelerates your success. Includes video masterclass.

Monitize Your Passion

Following your passion for profit is easy and possible! Discover how to do it when you get this bundle. Includes workbook, checklistand mp3 audio. 

Achieve Your Goals

7 Steps to Success is the practical step-by-step guide that takes you through the process of giving your dreams deadlines with achievable IAT G.O.A.L.S .


Streamline Your Intake

Focus on enrolling and serving your clients seamlessly instead of wasting hours explaining your procedures. 21 Templates and a bonus.

Grow Your Audience

Internet marketing needs fresh content. Get this product with digital strategies for a full year - plan your content for 52 weeks.

Beat Writers Block

Do you want to blog consistently? Instead of feeling stuck wondering what to write about, use these writing ideas.


Design Your Vision Board

Take this ecourse and design a purpose-based visual that gives you clarity, focus and motivation.  Achieve your intentions with ease.

Achieve Your Goals

Are you a go-getter who wants to be more productive? Goal setting works when done the right way. Take this course and discover proven principles that help you get the results you want.

Jumpstart Your Motivation

If you're ready to jumpstart your motivation and finally follow through on those brilliant ideas of yours,  this 7-Day lite audio eCourse is for you.