FAQ - Below are some answers to  frequent questions about us working together.

Q - You only work with Christian women?

A - No, I respect what you believe and happy to work with anyone - when it's a good fit. Even a few cool guys :-)



Q - Do you have qualifications to coach?

A - Yes. I am a certified Life Coach (American Union of NLP) but even more significant I have a wealth of hands-on experience. I consider the ability to help clients get results my key qualification.

Q - How can coaching help me design the life & business I desire?

A - Below are seven ways coaching can help you accelerate your success.

  • Fast Progress
  • Full-filled Potential
  • Facilitate Smooth Transition 
  • Feedback From Your Team 
  • Coaches Model Positive Behaviours
  • Your Network = Your Networth
  • New Skill-sets and Positive Habits

Q - What's your business experience and  background? 

A - Over 15 years running two brick and motor stores; a bookshop in Germany and a clothing store in Kenya. Online business owner since 2007.

  • While freelancing in Germany, I acquired training and extensive experience working on B2B / B2C digital marketing, market research, customer care and social studies projects. 
  • I've been coaching both private and corporate clients since 2014. And as a life-long learner committed to personal growth, I regularly attend personal development and business-building trainings.

Q - What about the Faith-based part, do you have Ministry training?

A - Yes -  with a diploma after two years Bible School in Germany (2011-2013). But here again, in addition to the theory, I consider a personal faith walk with God through life's ups and downs since 1996 as practical training.  

Q - Do you offer complimentary sessions?

Yes and no. Depending on my workload sometimes I open up a few complimentary sessions to my email subscribers. You're welcome to join my community here. Meanwhile I have over 70 podcast episodes,  some Facebook lives and videos on YouTube. Feel free to get loads of complimetary content that way.

Q - Will your IAT G.O.A.L.S methodology work for me?

A - While coaching is not a one-size-fits-all, one thing's for sure - am here to support you, and if you take action, you will get results.  A single  Pick-My-brain IGNITE session will help us both determine if we would be a good fit. Here is some info on what you can expect from my programs.