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Audience Testimonial, African Women in Europe -  Rome Event

"Thank you Nancy for the motivational talk, it was very professional and very well delivered. It definitely gave me a lot to think about my dreams."

 Wambui Njau - Co-founder


Are you looking for a keynote speaker for your womens meeting,  seminar, or Church event? Do you want a  results- driven facilitator for your organisation retreat or workshop?


I will deliver personalised talks to fit your group, team or event. Though I speak to both faith and non-faith audiences, my core values and beliefs are grounded on my Christian faith, from where I draw my wisdom. Your audience will enjoy my informative, interactive and educative sessions that are delivered with a goal to inspire from a long-term transformational perspective. 


Listeners will leave with simple action steps they can begin implementing immediately to see results in their life and business based on the theme of your event. Some of the topics I speak on include:

  • Faith Principles - God's  Love,  Purpose, Prayer, Stewardship.
  • Success by Design - Vision, Goals, Productivity, Work-Life Balance.
  • Digital StrategiesPodcasting, Marketing, Monitize Your Passion With Digital Products.

Looking forward to connecting with you and your audience soon.

Client Love

"Nancy has been such an inspiration in my life. Her testimonies encouraged me to pursue my dream. I always limited myself because I thought “I do not have what it takes” or I am not smart enough. I never thought that I was a good student either.


Nancy showed me how to step out of the boat and start doing what I was dreaming about. I went back to school and studied to become a Fitness Trainer. Today I am a certified Fitness Trainer and passed the practical part with an “A” and also received an “A” for my “Hausarbeit”.


Thank you Nancy for everything and continue to be a channel for God to inspire and love His people. Everything is possible with Him."  - Love always, Jaqueline Jennings - USA




Do you want to bridge the gap from where you are now, to where you want to be faster?

Are you ready to design a life and business you love, but you lack support and the how - to?

Do you need a listening partner, professional accountability, non-judgmental positive feedback and proven productivity strategies?


The IAT GOALS™ Coaching is the right solution to kick stagnation so that youIGNITE. ACCELERATE. TRANSFORM your life and business. My IAT Coaching is for you, if you want to;

  • Brainstorm your business ideas in a safe environment - so you can overcome obstacles and gain from my know-how, network, and wisdom.
  • Get clarity and focus - so you can stop going around in exhausting circles and finally start implementing your brilliant ideas.
  •  Develop a strong strategy and action plan - so you can manage your time well.
  • Get unstuck and gather momentum - so you stay motivated to take your life and business to the next level.
  • Avoid burn out and bore out - so you can have  more work-life balance and less negative stress.
  • Get positive accountability - so you follow through on your plans, get results, and step into your potential.
  • Ditch what's not working and make significant changes  -  so you can achieve and enjoy the success you desire!

Let's get started with your personal and professional goals today.

Podcast Guest  Love

 "Oh, Nancy, I so enjoyed our interview yesterday.  It was ah-mazing once we got the technology in order.  

I want to say "THANK YOU" once again for the honor and privilege to be a part of your  Design  Your Success Podcast."

Karlyn Henderson Poimena Consulting 





Are you a solo-preneur, coach, consultant, business owner or NGO in need of fresh digital marketing strategies for your products, programs, and services?


Educating your audience is the new marketing. Content marketing is an excellent way to attract your audience, grow your client base, establish authority in your industry.  Digital strategies like email, social media and podcasting will create a new level of interaction with your community and boost revenue.


Digital downloads are a great way to leverage your knowledge and boost your profits. You can package your information into ebooks, ecourses, stand-alone audio or video products. Let me work with you to plan, produce and publish your podcast or digital information product.

Options  available: 

  • In-House DWY (Done With You) Training - € Based on your project.
  • Complete DFY (Done For You) Production - € Based on your project
  • Customized  DIY - Programs for individuals or groups € 297 - € 497

Let's get started with your  digital strategies project today.