Affiliate Application

Ready to earn passive profits as an affiliate partner? Great! Read on...


Thanks for your interest in the naga affiliate program. If approved you can earn passive income with up to 50% payouts when someone buys one of my products, programs or services through your link.  (The sale can be from ebooks, audios, paid webinars, ecourses, travel packages like safaris, biz & wellness retreats).



Kindly note to avoid brand misrepresentation, this program is NOT a good fit for anyone intending to spam people on email, social media or sites that don't compliment my content. (EG. Adult, Betting, Scam, Gossip or Tabloid sites.)


BUT if you have a

  • Website/blog,
  • Social media following or
  • Email subcribers, I'd love to learn more about you!

The naga affiliate program is by invitation only and this application will help us both fast-track the process.

Apply below and  let's see if we're a good  fit.

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