So, you're curious about who's behind  this site? Let's talk about you first...


Are you ready to achieve your intentions, live your purpose and turn your passion into profitable products? Great! 


Because that's what you'll learn here. With resources for your personal development and business building, this site was launched in 2007 (rebranded in 2018) to support:


► Faith-Based Female Entrepreneurs

► Corporate Clients and Teams 

► Coaches and Consultants

► Creative soloprenuers.

If that's you, welcome aboard!

Ok, so who am I ?

Here's the short versionA Kenyan, born and raised in Africa. Living in Europe for over 20 years. When I was young, I wanted to be an air hostess, nurse or fashion designer. Studied design and when I moved to Europe, worked in the fashion industry as a sales rep. Due to a broken back, I left employment and upon recovering followed my passion for reading and fulfilled a dream.  I opened a physical bookshop in Germany and as a book worm I was one of my best customers :-)


Shortly before Amazon took over eCommerce, I wrote and published my very first book, closed the shop and took ventured into the Online space. When the recession hit in 2008 I began freelancing during the day and working on my business in the evenings. NOT wise!  Because I wore myself out, suffered a burnout and left Germany relocating back to Kenya for a few years. There I started another business and opened a fashion store in Nairobi.


As a coach and consultant, my sales and marketing background comes from acquired hands-on experience running my businesses and freelancing for German and English B2B/B2C projects in the customer care, market research, and social studies industry.


Described as a creative change catalyst, I enjoy working with people and creating content.  When I'm not coaching or training on personal development, I'm indulging in self-care or  showing companies how to increase sales over at


In 2016 I was voted as one of the 100 Most Influential Africans in Germany. My "claim to fame,"  :-) is the thumbnail on the 5th row below.


8 Random Facts About Me

1. Believe in Jesus


2. Binge-watches TEDx


3. Bible School graduate


4. Enjoy  jazz & saxophone music


5. Introverted extrovert = ambivert

6. Published Amazon best-selling author


7. Nominated for the German Digital Female  Leader Awards - 2019


8. Learned to ride a bicycle aged 39, rode one day and never again.


What Are My Core Beliefs?

I believe in positive thinking,  personal development, and the power of prayer. But as a former Atheist I respect what you choose to believe. My personal and professional values are grounded in my Christian faith, from where I draw my wisdom.


I believe the glass can be half full when we have faith and believe.






My mission is simple - to support you so that you achieve your intentions and manifest your vision. I coach you to self-motivated action; past the obstacles and resistance, so you see the tangible results you desire. I'll show you how to bridge the gap from  where you are now, to where you want to be so that you design your version of success.


What a happy client says

How I Can Support You

As a Certified Life Coach, trainer, and consultant, I show visionaries just like you how to design a life and business you love without sacrificing your family and well-being.

I believe in holistic success and enjoying a life of purpose, passion, and profits


I mainly work with women entrepreneurs in group programs, NGO or company teams, and a few one-to-one corporate clients based on capacity.  


Using my signature IAT (IGNITE. ACCELERATE. TRANSFORM)  G.O.A.L.S™ System, we work together so that you get a clear vision, develop a plan of action, overcome the obstacles, stay focused to make progress and achieve your intentions with ease. Personal development and work-life balance are core components of my work.


Take a look at some  FAQ about us working together to see how I can support you.