So, you're curious about who's behind this site? Let's talk about you first...

Did you know that goal setting helps you achieve your vision? Are you ready to live your purpose and turn your passion into profits with digital products? Great! Because that's what you'll learn here. Launched in 2007, this site is designed to help:

 ► Creative solo-prenuers 

 ► Coaches & Consultants

 ► Aspiring authors

 ► Digital product designers

 ► And visionaries achieve the life and business success they desire..


If that's you, welcome aboard! 

This website has resources for your personal development and business building goals. As a Certified Life Coach, Speaker, Consultant and Digital Products Strategist, I show visionaries just like you how to design a life and business you love! I mainly work with ambitious women (+ a few some cool guys).  


Using my signature (InspirationActionTransformation) IAT G.O.A.L.S™ System, I support you so that you get a clear vision, and focus, develop a plan of action, and overcome the obstacles hindering you so you make progress faster.


Ok, so who am I?

A Kenyan, born and raised in Africa. Currently based in Europe, where I was...(allow me to brag here) :-) recently voted as one of the 100 Most Influential Africans in Germany. It's the internet, I get it if you want some "social proof". Here you go...See the 5th row below.

11 Random Facts About Me

    1. Intuitive Empath
    2. TEDx talks binge-watcher
    3. Published best-selling author
    4. Introverted extrovert = ambivert
    5. Likes to buy, smell and read books. A lot 
    6. Likes peppermint ice cream and cashew nuts
    7. Graduate of Rhema Bible School 2003 Alumni
    8. Optimistic problem-solver, thinks outside the box
    9. Not ashamed to call Jesus my Lord and Saviour
    10. Owned an English bookshop in Germany for 5 years
    11. Learned to ride a bicycle @ 39 yrs; got on it one day and never again.

What Are My Core Beliefs?

I believe in the power of prayer and positive thinking, while also respecting what you choose to believe. The glass can always be half full when we have faith.


Faith in God.

Faith in yourself.

Faith in others.


My mission is simple - to help you set inspired goals to design a life of purpose, passion, and profits, so you enjoy the balanced success YOU desire. I coach you to action; past the obstacles and resistance, so you can see the transformation you want. Am here to help you bridge the gap from where you are now, to where you desire to be faster.


To see how I can support you, take a look at some common FAQ about us working together.