Design  Your  Success

Welcome to my personal development site!  I'm Nancy, and  I help women design their version of success.

Imagine yourself one year from today. What would it feel like to be enjoying your version of the success you desire?


It's Possible!  


You can design a personal and professional life you love because 

as a Certified Life Coach, trainer, and consultant, I show people how to achieve holistic success without sacrificing their family and well-being.


I mainly work with women entrepreneurs and faith-based organisations in addition to coaching one-to-one corporate clients based on capacity.  


Using my signature IAT (IGNITE. ACCELERATE. TRANSFORM)  G.O.A.L.S™ System, we work together so that you:

✔️ Get a clear vision

✔️ Develop a plan of action

✔️ Implement and stay focused

✔️ Overcome obstacles and stay motivated

✔️ Progress and achieve your intentions with ease.

Ready to go from imagining to inspired action?